Sunday, March 25, 2018 - Arrival

Monday, March 26, 2018

Welcome speech - Murat Tsintsadze
Combination of Aptos Threads in a correction of mental area heavy tissues - Murat Tsintsadze
Correction of periorbital area with Aptos threads - Irina Poleva
Anatomy of the Face and Neck (theoretical and practical parts) - Yves Saban

Features of age-related changes in each layer.
Basic concepts and points in the anatomy of the face and neck:
Anatomy of the face and neck
SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic system) concept
Features of the subcutaneous fat of the face and neck (skin and fat compartments)
Muscles of the face: Masseter muscle & Mimic muscles: fixation points, function, blood supply, innervation

Motor and Sensory Nerves:
Branches of facial and trigeminal nerves
Anatomy of superficial nerves of the head and neck: branches, exit-sites, marking

Arteries of the face and neck and their anatomy:
Zones of blood supply, branches and anastomoses
Venous system. The main veins of the face and neck, venous anastomoses
Danger zones in the head and neck area
Lymphatic System
Age-related changes of the face and neck.


Skills development on the specimen. (One anatomical specimen per three doctors)
Marking, points of fixation and lines for Aptos threads insertion.
Infiltration anaesthetic techniques during thread lift.
Application of Aptos threads in various parts of the face and neck (temporal and periorbital areas, nose, cheek, chin, mental and submental areas).

Transfer from the AC Hotel to the restaurant Dinner at the restaurant

Tuesday, March 27

Practical Part - Yves Saban
Discussion of mistakes performed during thread lifting procedure.
Removal of the threads.
Treatment of various complications.

Yves Saban - M.D, PHM, Facial Plastic and Maxillo-facial Surgeon, Facial Anatomist, Vice President of French Facial Plastic Surgery Society
Irina Poleva - M.D, Dermatologist, Aesthetic Doctor
Murat Tsintsadze - MD, Plastic Surgeon


Irina Poleva

Yves Saban

Murat Tsintsadze

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Registration fee:
Participants – €2000
Visitors – €1500

Registration fee includes:
2 - Days Workshop.
Catering services at ICLO Center.
2 overnights at Hotel 4*.
1 dinner at typical Tuscan restaurant by transfer service.
Insurance for everybody.

The course is meant for a small group of 18 participants and 12 visitors. There will be one specimen per 3 participants and 2 visitors.

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